Windows 10 Creator’s Edition

Due to be pushed out this week. If you don’t want it or are afraid to install go into your windows settings and set it to defer upgrades or switch to the business channel.

Will ‘sore-loser litigiousness’ against Trump produce bad precedent?

What do you think? President Donald Trump is disrupting political norms, but courts should not respond in kind by disrupting judicial norms, according to South Texas law professor Josh Blackman. In an essay published at the National Review, Blackman argues that “sore-loser litigiousness” against Trump’s policies will set “lasting and dangerous precedents.” Judges who feared that Trump posed a threat to the country have abandoned their traditional role by overriding his executive powers and issuing nationwide injunctions that extend beyond … Continued

Bloomberg Law trains machine to highlight legal points

  Bloomberg Law is the latest legal research provider to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help lawyers analyze and cite legal opinions more effectively. Last week Bloomberg Law unveiled Points of Law, a service that allows users to quickly identify and analyze language in a judicial opinion. By adding a layer of automated indexing to its deep online library of court opinions, Points of Law users can review a decision’s legal points and find precedents that strengthen their … Continued

Hate crime victims can use new free web application to get help

  CuroLegal has launched a free web application that helps victims and witnesses of hate crimes find help. was built in collaboration with Cisco Systems and the American Bar Association’s Center for Innovation, according to a press release. Someone who believes they are the victim of a hate crime answers several questions, including the type of incident experienced and the location, even if it happens online. Based on the answers, the app generates information on how to contact local … Continued

CCleaner Compromised – TweakHound

  “For a period of time, the legitimate signed version of CCleaner 5.33 being distributed by Avast also contained a multi-stage malware payload that rode on top of the installation of CCleaner… During the installation of CCleaner 5.33, the 32-bit CCleaner binary that was included also contained a malicious payload that featured a Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) as well as hardcoded Command and Control (C2) functionality. We confirmed that this malicious version of CCleaner was being hosted directly on CCleaner’s … Continued