This page will be devoted to my technology rumblings on both hardware and software. As a point of reference, I have been using personal computers since the early 80’s when my first IBM XT with a 10MB Drive was close to $10 grand.

  1. If you have the time and money get SSDD (Solid State Disc Drives), kind of like a flash card for your pc.  Amazing performance improvement.
  2. Don’t buy a new PC until Intel’s new processor is released early next year.  All tests indicate it will run circles around anything that’s out there now.
  3. Thoroughly evaluate whether you need Adobe Reader or Foxit.  See Tweakhounds Blog for a great discussion.
  4. Should you get a new machine with the Sandy Bridge Processor.. read this..
  5. I’ve been looking at the Dell Vostron 460 with the new Sandy Bridge processor..  I was ready to order one back in January, but before I could pull the trigger, Intel discovered a problem and Dell cancelled all orders that had not been paid for.  Back then they were offering a 30% discount off of the 460’s.  Now you can’t find the 30% coupon if your life depended on it.  I have one in my cart, but will be waiting until I can get it at the 30% off mark.
  6. BIT THE BULLET – Yesterday ordered a DELL XPS 8300 with the Intel Core i7-2600 (8MB Cache, 3.4 Ghz), a ton of memory, 1.5 terrabyte HD, etc etc.  Takes a few weeks to build to my specs, but will report on how fast it is.  Can Not Wait for this thing to arrive.
  7. Well I have had the second generation i7-2600 dell computer (NEW XPS 8300) for about 10 days now.  Everything reinstalled and some additional hardware added (lightscribe drive) and additional 1.5 terrabyte internal drive in addition to several external rotating hard drives for backup.  Haven’t run diagnostics on the raw speed yet, but if you can afford it, this is the machine to get.  SWEET!