Free PACER archive adds millions of new documents

  The Free Law Project, a California-based non-profit, posted every free written opinion and order available on PACER, the federal courts’ document portal. In total, this new collection contains 3.4 million documents from 1.5 million federal district and bankruptcy cases dating back to 1960, the Project explained in a blog post published Tuesday on the organization’s website. Free PACER archive adds millions of new documents

Northwestern’s law school says it will accept the GRE as an entrance test

  Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law will accept the Graduate Record Examination or the Law School Admissions Test for admissions starting in the fall of 2018 for admissions the following fall, the school announced on Monday. “We have a nagging sense that there are quite a number of science-trained folks who take the GRE, not necessarily because they have a laser focus on going into graduate school in the sciences, though many will, but because they are equivocating a … Continued

3 Types of Trusts That Can Cover Your Assets | Business Markets and Stocks News |

  Most people think of trusts as something that only the super-rich need: a mysterious legal trick to evade taxes (and rack up tons of attorneys’ fees). In reality, trusts can be helpful for folks at any income level and are much more commonplace than most people realize. For example, if you’ve ever listed your spouse or child as a beneficiary on a bank account, you’ve technically set up a simple trust. The three types of trusts discussed below can … Continued

Ginsburg talks travel ban, death penalty; says gerrymandering case may be ‘most important’ of term

  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not mention President Donald Trump at recent law school appearances, but she did talk about the Supreme Court’s latest travel ban order while also commenting on capital punishment and the upcoming term. Ginsburg did not break her pledge to be more circumspect in her comments about Trump, “but she remains blunt and candid,” the New York Times reports in a Sidebar article. In a July 21 appearance at Duke University School of Law, Ginsburg … Continued

Summer Newlyweds Should Also Think About Taxes

  Spring showers bring summer flowers and weddings typically aren’t far behind. Newlyweds have a lot to think about and taxes might not be on the list. However, there is good reason for a new couple to consider how the nuptials may affect their tax situation. The IRS has some tips to help in the planning: Report changes in: Name. When a name changes through marriage, it is important to report that change to the Social Security Administration. The name … Continued