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Learn about those people and organizations soliciting you before you make a contribution Use this database to view summaries of 3 million tax returns from tax-exempt organizations and see financial details such as their executive compensation and revenue and expenses. You can browse IRS data released since 2013 and access over 9.6 million tax filing documents going back as far as 2001. Nonprofit Explorer – ProPublica

Tax Day: The Best Single Change to the Tax Code – Bloomberg

VERY INTERESTING READ The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 left some Americans celebrating their gains, others decrying losses, and a good chunk of the nation unsure of what to think, actually. That’s to be expected – it will take time to understand the true impact of such sweeping changes. For Tax Day, we posed a simpler question to our columnists: What single change in tax policy would do the most good for the nation? They offered the following … Continued

Disability Severance Pay

  During July 2018, DFAS and the IRS sent letters to approximately 130,000 separated military members who had received disability severance pay as income and with federal tax withholding applied. In accordance with IRS’s current policy, IRS agreed to forward these letters to separated members on behalf of DFAS because DFAS does not have current addresses for individuals affected by the new law. The IRS has not disclosed address or any other tax information to DFAS. A small number of … Continued

Summer Newlyweds Should Also Think About Taxes

  Spring showers bring summer flowers and weddings typically aren’t far behind. Newlyweds have a lot to think about and taxes might not be on the list. However, there is good reason for a new couple to consider how the nuptials may affect their tax situation. The IRS has some tips to help in the planning: Report changes in: Name. When a name changes through marriage, it is important to report that change to the Social Security Administration. The name … Continued

Ten Things to Know About the Taxpayer Advocate Service

Ten Things to Know About the Taxpayer Advocate Service 1. The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is an independent organization within the IRS and is your voice at the IRS. 2. We help taxpayers whose problems are causing financial difficulty. This includes businesses as well as individuals. 3. You may be eligible for our help if you’ve tried to resolve your tax problem through normal IRS channels and have gotten nowhere, or you believe an IRS procedure just isn’t working as … Continued