Bloomberg Law trains machine to highlight legal points


Bloomberg Law is the latest legal research provider to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help lawyers analyze and cite legal opinions more effectively.

Last week Bloomberg Law unveiled Points of Law, a service that allows users to quickly identify and analyze language in a judicial opinion. By adding a layer of automated indexing to its deep online library of court opinions, Points of Law users can review a decision’s legal points and find precedents that strengthen their own legal arguments, on paper or in open court.

When users read a decision online and turn on the Points of Law feature, language is highlighted in the text and citations are linked from the margin. They can also refer to a visual representation of how cases are cited as precedent.

The tagging concept is similar to headnotes, as LawSites blogger Robert Ambrogi observed in an early review. However, while headnotes are prepared by lawyers, Points of Law are machine generated.

Bloomberg Law trains machine to highlight legal points

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