COVID-19 & Estate Planning Now

Do you have a will? Or are you satisfied with the Texas intestacy laws that will determine who inherits from you when you die?

Do you have a statutory durable power of attorney so that if you got sick someone could act for you paying your bills and taking care of other financial matters?

Do you have a health-care power of attorney so that someone can make healthcare decisions for you if you are in a ventilator and cannot communicate?

Do you have a right to life document which instructs your physicians what you would like to happen to you in the event you got deathly ill?

And most importantly have you considered what would happen if you were quarantined in ICU in a hospital with the coronavirus and none of your loved ones could see you or talk to you?

You answered no to any of these questions, please see a qualified estate planning lawyer immediately. Not only do we stand ready to help you but there are many other estate planning lawyer’s in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who are doing their best to see that everyone who has a need has that need filled.



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